iphone repair working hours


 I took my son iPad to this company to be repaired, he had shattered his screen and if you know my son like I know him you would know that his iPad is where he lives. LOL I am shocked at how soon they called me to come pick my item. Thanks you :)


 I have been going to Continental Cellular for a while now and it is a great place with amazing staff! Definitely an Omaha gem :)


 The Mac store told me $200 to replace a battery in my MacBookpro. i did have a problem of waiting a couple of weeks however.

I went to Continental and under a $100 and less than a week.

+ Alena is was very professional and personable.


Continental Cellular has THE MOST OBNOXIOUS, IN YOUR FACE commercials since "I've fell and can't get up". Apparently, like most car dealers, the owner believes that the LOUDER, MORE "IN YOUR FACE", more "OBNXIOUS" AS POSSIBLE ... THE BETTER "TO BE HEARD" .... AND SO PATHETICALLY OUT OF TOUCH WITH EXACTLY WHAT TURNS OFF YOUR LISTENERS. YOU EASILY GET 1ST PLACE IN THIS CONTEST !!

Can't possibly express how much your pathetically un-professional, local inspired, obnxious messages are. Your website actually looks appealing in terms of cell options and prices ... but your commercials are beyond sickening.

Ron Dvorak

I have purchased my last two phones from Continental Cellular and have found the staff and service very helpful. They were knowledgeable about the products they were selling and made the whole process as painless as possible. I am sure I will in need of a new phone as I am extremely hard on my phones and prone to dropping the into everything from the toilet to cement. Thanks guys for all of your help. I am sure I will be seeing you soon. Tom with Handyman on Command

Thomas Beatty

this place is alright.


I have nothing but good things to say about this store. Every time I visit it's always a great experience. The staff is amazing and very helpful. The prices are even better. I definitely recommend it to anyone. Keep you the good work.

Ilse H.

LOVE this place I've been there a couple times when I visit my relatives I always go to upgrade to a better phone they really do have the greatest deals just can't say enough great things about this place it's definitely worth checking this place out.


Alondra Romero was so helpful! She set my son's cell phone up so professionally and so quickly. Thanks so much for the help! I don't know what else to say, but THANKS!

Chris McMullen

I was helped by Alondra great customer service awesome deals.


I had a wonderful experience. I was able to save money which was great because my screen cracking was an unexpected expense. Sean is super nice and he worked with me. Also....I dropped my phone off on my lunch break and it was ready like an hour or two later. I was able to pick it up on my way home. The screen on my laptop is cracked too lol....I will definitely be returning!


I was frustrated with sprint's lack of care for broken phones without insurance and their refusal to even take a look at my galaxy S5 so I came and checked out the cell phone repair here and sean and itzel went above and beyond my expectations. Not only did they fix my phone, but they also put on an a screen protector for me without the bubbles, and fixed my phone in less than an hour. I would definitely recommend coming here to all of my friends and family. It was refreshing to be treated so well and I will be coming here for all of my electronic problems in the future.

Scott Botkin

We took my wife's laptop in for repair of charger port on Saturday. They stated we would have it back no later than Tuesday. They quoted a reasonable price.... well a very reasonable price compared to what another local company (that advertises a lot on local radio stations) charged for the same repair that we had the other company charged a year an a half ago for the same repair.. Continental's price was a third of what we paid at the other place and a lot quicker (the other place took 6 weeks!!!!) We got the computer back on Tuesday as promised. The computer was cleaned, repaired and they checked to make sure all systems were working and updates done. I am totally satisfied with the service and the price.

John Mandel

1. Got my laptop screen fixed. Cost less than competitors, done fast, no issues.

2. Bought a refurbished cell phone here. Again, less than competitors, no issues.

Staff has always been friendly. Sales oriented, sure, but not too pushy.

Dannielle Swope