iPhone XR Charger Port Repair Service costs $120

We shop the market for you and make sure you save up to $75 or more over all other stores in Omaha. For 35 Years Continental Cellular has been the top-rated Personal Electronics Repair Center in Omaha. We Have been trusted by over two hundred thousand accounts in Omaha. No competitor comes close.  Having served several generations of customers since 1988, we have performed most cellphone repairs in less than thirty minutes. You can make an appointment anytime but unlike other stores, we do not require an appointment.  Given the size and scale of our operation, we can guarantee the lowest price on any Galaxy, iPhone repair, iPad, Laptop, or MacBook Repair.

Our Charger Port Repair and Replacement will fix most charging issues such as:

*Slow Charging
*Damaged Charger Port
*Clogged Charger Port
Having been in business for over 33 years we not only keep all-new, warrantied parts but we also have a large boneyard of used parts that can save you money if you decide to take advantage of our used and reconditioned stock. Again, no other corner store or kiosk or gas station offering repairs comes close. We are prominently located with the largest repair signage in Omaha, at the intersection of 72nd and Farnam, just blocks across Nebraska Furniture Mart.
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